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PCMIDI is an ISA 8-bit Midi Interface that is fully compatible with the Roland MPU-401 standard so it offers both "Intelligent" and "UART" modes of operation. It is the perfect companion for your retro-PC in order to enjoy MT-32 games without having to worry about incompatibilities or drivers or TSR layers.

With it's WaveTable header it completely surpasses the SoundBlaster-like MPU interfaces in main soundcards- just let PCMIDI handle all midi jobs and you are set!

Currently in it's 3rd hardware revision with a black pcb dubbed "Dreamblaster Edition".

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September 2020 news: Orpheus Soundcard is now ready and can be ordered/preordered using the PCMIDI form in the "How To Order" page. There is a new product in the drop-down list called "Orpheus". Read more on the card in the VOGONS development/news thread.

ps. just in case you were wondering what kind of weird name Orpheus is: wikipedia link :)

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